4 Ideas of What to Include in Your Payroll Business Blog Posts

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You have a great website for your payroll business. There are also social media accounts that are up and attracting attention. Along with these elements, it pays to have a payroll business blog that’s populated with posts readers will enjoy. Here are a few ideas of what sort of posts to include.

Your Payroll Business Blog Posts

Informational Posts

Posts that educate are always welcome by readers. One of the things that you’ve learned is that many people know how things are done a certain way, but may not understand why those tasks are carried out in a particular manner. This is your chance to help them get a better idea of what’s happening with payroll functions.

Remember, these posts should be written to appeal to those who have a passing acquaintance with accounting but who are happy to leave the actual work to those who are more directly involved in the process. Feel free to use some industry terms, but make sure to provide some insight into what those terms mean.

Current News Posts

All sorts of events can influence how payrolls are calculated and processed. For example, changes in laws related to certain types of withholdings might impact part or all of your client base. In that instance, it’s helpful to give them a heads up before the changes go into effect.

Along with direct communications via email, invoice inserts, and other methods, do create one or more blog posts that outline what’s happening and what customers can expect. You can bet that your readers will appreciate the efforts.

Helpful Tips Posts

Just about everyone likes to read list-style blog posts. For this reason, it never hurts to work in a payroll business blog post that provides a shortlist of helpful tips. Along with being fun to read, they can also come in handy for current and potential customers who want to make the most of outsourcing to a payroll service.

One idea is a short tip list that focuses on how to prepare the raw data that must be forwarded to you by a certain day of the week. Tips about the formatting, how to flag certain employee accounts to make use of vacation or sick days, or even how to notify your service about some new type of withholding that must be added to an employee account could be just what your readers need.

Promotional Posts

Through it all, never hesitate to work in posts that spotlight one or more of the types of services your company has to offer. It could be a post built around the fact that a team is assigned to each customer account. You could spotlight how the service is poised to help with any payroll questions that may arise. It’s also possible to create a post that touts what role the service plays in making sure taxes are remitted in a timely manner.

The goal of these promotional posts is to create more rapport, enhance your reputation, and in general, give people a reason to do business with you. That includes keeping the customers you have now while attracting new ones.

There are all sorts of ideas for blog posts that would be a great fit for your payroll business. Make a list of basic questions that apply to your type of business, and then convert them into post topics. You may be surprised at how many great ideas are waiting for your use.

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